2014 was an exciting year for our industry!

Published on: December 11, 2014

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As the year draws to a close, we want to discuss some of the year’s hottest trends.


A huge year for wireless devices.

Demand for wireless building sensors is growing dramatically as the technology improves. Facility administrators love wireless devices because installation involves much less labor than conventional building sensors. Newly available devices allow communication between the sensors and the controllers, as well as from controller to controller. Wi-Fi and Zigbee protocols are the industry leaders right now, although Wi-Fi is gaining an edge. Many installers prefer Wi-Fi because, unlike with the proprietary Zigbee system, Wi-Fi devices from multiple vendors can be compatible when connected to a building network.


Push toward more energy efficient mechanical equipment.

VFD and ECM motors are gaining in popularity as more people become educated about how these devices can reduce a building’s power bill every month. Veris published educational pieces about both of these types of motors in 2014 (VWP13 and VN61). In these guides, we explain how these types of motors increase efficiency by only drawing power when the fan needs to turn, rather than having a fan that runs constantly. We also discussed the ease of monitoring the performance of VFD and ECM motors using current switches.


Shift toward increased sub-metering in commercial and industrial facilities.

The more data you have, the better you can manage your energy consumption. New meters were introduced that record a larger range of data values, for a more detailed energy management report.


As we move into 2015, Veris will continue to provide solutions to meet the changing environment and our customers needs.

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