Air Handling Units (AHU’s) 101

This air handling unit blog post is the first in a series that will explore how Veris Industries products can be used to monitor and regulate heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) applications.

An air handler, or air handling unit (often abbreviated to AHU), is a device used to condition and circulate air as part of a commercial or industrial HVAC system. Usually, an air handler is a large metal box containing a blower, heating and/or cooling elements, filter racks or chambers, sound attenuators, and dampers. Air handlers usually connect to duct work that distributes the conditioned air through the building, and returns it to the AHU. Sometimes AHUs discharge (supply) and admit (return) air directly to and from the space served, without ductwork.

Inside an AHU

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The number and types of AHUs used vary based on the size of the building and how the building is used. For example, in a hospital or lab environment multiple AHUs may be needed to isolate rooms and prevent cross contamination. Air handlers also dehumidify or humidify air; regulate the mix of outside and recirculated air; and help control pressurization inside a building.

Want to learn more? Check out our Environmental Sensing Solutions for AHU’s white paper.

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