Cat Lady, Part Shortage and The Monkey… OH MY!

Published on: October 31, 2014

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Veris Costume Party Behind the Scenes

It was close to Midnight… well close to Noon, and the Veris Halloween Costume Contest was in full swing. The contestants had gathered and the jury assembled.  There was a spooky entrance by the scarecrow, witch and masquerader, who was serenaded by The Monkey and his electric guitar riffs. Looking for a little wine to go with their baguette, French Kiss waited patiently for Jesus to do his thing. The Old Farts were not amused, but found comfort near the Cat Lady who was eyeballing table number 9 who may or may not have mistakenly brought a cat figurine with them. Jinx from League of Legends waited impatiently for the chaos to unfold and carefully tried to avoid the Ceiling Fan and his untimely wave. Super Mario wondered if this all might be another Bowser trap and contemplated heading out the vent to the secret level. He couldn’t help but wonder, “Was a room full of gold coins really worth foregoing a chance at the Grand prize?”

With a bucket of candy going to first place, the stakes were high. Keep in mind this was no ordinary bucket, it was the traditional 19 gallon Bucket O’ Candy better known as “Enorme  Sucre”.  “Enorme  Sucre” was a hot commodity, more for bragging rights and for bribery than for its sweet riches.

The Annual Costume Competition kicked off at 9:35am and carried on for several excitement filled minutes until it escalated into a fierce and heated battle of applause and cheers. Back and forth it went as the jury sweated out the skittles they had secretly lifted and the  animated crowd fueled the final decisions. By a baguette length, French Kiss held off The Monkey and the Old Farts to fashionably secure the first place prize.

French Kiss graciously shared the winnings with the attendees, secretly planting “favors” that would be called upon next year. Muhhhaaahhhaaa.

Happy Halloween!


All of Us at Veris

We are a company that lives by the moto “Work hard, Play hard”, and that is never more obvious than at our annual Halloween celebration. Hope you enjoyed the little glimpse into the culture that makes Veris who it is. Stay tuned for more Veris, Behind the Scenes.






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