Complete Cooling Tower Sensing Solution

Published on: September 20, 2016

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Veris Industries is a leading supplier of environmental sensors that provide critical data monitoring to ensure optimal performance of building management systems. Utilizing Veris’ proven and reliable products on your cooling tower applications enhances performance and overall customer satisfaction.



Monitor the flow of the supply and return heating loop.sdi1d1n20-0200

Flow Meters… The water utility will charge the end user based on the amount of water supplied. The end user is also charged for the amount of water dispelled into the sewer system. In some climates, evaporation can be as much as 50% – 60%. Utilizing a flow meter on both the supply and the sewer drain will save the end user money by capturing the actual amount of water sent down the drain. The difference between the amount of water supplied and the amount of water sent down the drain is the volume of water lost due to evaporation. With this data from the supply and the drain flow meters in hand, the end user will receive a credit for the evaporation losses.



tihDetermine fan rotation needed for cooling.

Temperature Sensors… Immersion temp in the cooling tower is a control input for fan rotation. The cooling tower fan removes a large amount of heat to prepare the water for conditioning (via coolant) in the chiller.



Monitors proof of current flow for fans and pumps.H971

Current Sensors… Monitors run status of pumps and fans to ensure that they are working when needed. Proof of functionality. No need to manually check each fan or pump. (If current is flowing, the fan or pump is working.)



We offer a complete line of environmental and current sensing products for Cooling Tower applications. Want to learn more? Reach us by phone at 800.354.8556 (US & Canada) or +1 503.598.4564 (Worldwide). Reach us by email at Visit us at

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