Holistic Sensing Solutions for Chiller Applications

Veris Industries is a leading supplier of environmental sensors and power metering products that provide critical data monitoring to ensure optimal performance of building management systems. Utilizing Veris’ proven and reliable products on your chiller applications will enhance performance and overall customer satisfaction.



Know how much power is consumed by key HVAC components.

Power Meters… Monitor the power used by the chiller. They may assist with load shedding agreements. Excessive power usage may indicate a mechanical problem in the chiller pump motor(s).     Buy_Now_Button3


Regulate flow and see early indicators of potential mechanical failures.pwl

Wet Differential Pressure… Is used to monitor the differential pressure between chilled water supply and return, as well as condenser water supply and return. Controls bypass valves to regulate flow based on demand. Provides a secondary proof of flow by monitoring the differential between supply and return air.       Buy_Now_Button3


pgGauge Pressure… Is used to monitor pressure in the condenser and evaporator units to determine the ultimate pressure on the line. Using a gauge pressure product on both the supply and return will provide the data needed for the BMS to calculate the differential pressure.


High or low pressure readings may be an indicator of a mechanical failure in the system like a leak, pump failure, locked rotor, a clog, etc.


Monitors proof of current flow to pumps.H971

Current Sensors… Monitor run status on all pump motors. Can be used to detect on / off status, locked rotor, and overall pump status for proof of function / water flow. Proof of functionality. No need to manually check each pump. (If current is flowing, the pump is working.)



Monitors both chilled and heated water loops.tih

Temperature Sensors… Used to monitor temp for chilled water loop and condenser water loop, helps to control the valve that determines water recirculation speed. Helps to determine pump speed, how much water needs to be returned, and is a main control point for the system.



Determine water usage and flow for improved efficiency.sdi1d1n20-0200

Flow Meter… Monitors water flow in the supply and return lines of the chilled water loop and condenser water loop. Provides both proof of flow and measures usage.


BTU Meter… Is a flow meter combined with temperature sensors and can be used for energy measurements. The output is BTUs not a flow rate – its output is a measurement of the energy consumed by the chiller. It is also used to check the efficiency of the chiller. Clogs, excessive ice, malfunctioning 340bn-mbpump, humidity changes, compressor cycling issues, can all be the causes of chiller inefficiency.     Buy_Now_Button3


We offer a complete line of environmental, power metering, and current sensing products for Chiller applications. Want to learn more? Reach us by phone at 800.354.8556 (US & Canada) or +1 503.598.4564 (Worldwide). Reach us by email at sales@veris.com. Visit us at www.veris.com

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