Holistic Environmental Sensor Approach for AHU’s

Veris Industries is a leading supplier of environmental sensors that provide critical data monitoring and ensure optimal performance of building management systems. Equipping your air handling unit with Veris’ reliable sensor technology enhances performance and overall customer satisfaction.

Products in an AHU


Monitor proof of flow for fans and blowersH971

Current Sensors … Monitors run status of fan motors – fan status, on / off, belt loss, etc. Provides proof of airflow – if the fan is running, air is moving.




Assess filter status

Pressure Sensors …Monitors supply and return duct pressure. Can be used to monitor filter status. Provides a control point for fan speed and air flow through duct work. Can also be used to provide building zone pressure (negative or positive) to either prevent or allow the inflow of outside air.





Used to monitor duct, space and outdoor RH – mostly for building comfort 

Humidity Sensors…Provides input to determine how much outside air should be introduced into the building. Some manufacturing and lab processes require controlled humidity.






Monitor return and supply duct temperature

Temperature Sensors … Control point for air recirculation versus introduction of outside air. Provides input for environment comfort – fan control.






Monitor carbon dioxide for Demand Control Ventilation (DCV)

CO2 Sensors … Monitoring CO2 levels for demand control allows the end user to only bring in fresh air when needed. It costs money and requires more energy to condition outside air versus recirculating the existing conditioned air in a building.




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