How Do You Measure Your Gas Emissions?

Whether you’re a project manager, building owner, or installer you know how essential it is to monitor gas emissions in building applications – from parking garages and sally ports to vehicle bays and loading zones. As our population and footprint continues to grow, the need to reduce and monitor emissions will only become more demanding as time goes on. Plus, it’s essential to comply with regulatory code requirements no matter the application.The dangers of extended exposure to CO and NO2 include decreased concentration, nausea and dangerous respiratory issues. The EPA designates primary standard at 100ppb (parts per billion) averaged over an hour. The current national average range from about 10-2 ppb. However in more confined spaces with heavy traffic or extended exposure or increased emissions such as parking garages, services garages, sally ports or loading and unloading zones these levels can reach dangerous levels quickly.

It’s necessary to monitor these levels closely, and to do so well. So why not save time and money in the process?

Veris is a leader in providing high-quality products for practical solutions. This year, we released the new GWNx Series CO & NO2 Sensor, designed to further simplify the gas monitoring process in order to provide a greater cut to project costs and save more time on installation and maintenance. What can the GWNx do for your project? Read on to find out why we’re excited about this new product.

5 Key Features of the Innovative GWNx Series Sensor:

1. Simplified Modular Platform
Eliminate extra installation costs with a modular platform – switch out or replace any Veris AG Series sensor at any time. This includes the AGO1 CO Sensor, the AGO1E CO Sensor, and the AGO2 NO2 Sensor – plus additional sensors coming soon!

2. Scalable Measurement Options
Only pay for what you need – choose the measurement and accuracy that fits your project and budget.

3. Removable Terminal Blocks
Improve your installation process – easily connect wires to add flexibility and freedom to your schedule.

4. Seamless System Integration
Take your savings one step further – the GWNP model interfaces to control systems via BACnet or Modbus.

5. Durable and Reliable Enclosures
Protect and monitor your system visually – three different colored LEDs – red, yellow, and green offer integrated alert systems in a durable metal enclosure

Interested in learning how the GWNx series can help with your project? Veris Air Quality and Gas Monitoring Specialists are available to help answer your questions and get your project started. Contact us today!


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