Ensuring Optimal VAV Performance with Environmental Sensors

Veris Industries is a leading supplier of environmental sensors that provide critical data monitoring and ensure optimal performance of building management systems. Equipping your variable air volume unit with Veris’ reliable sensor technology enhances performance and overall customer satisfaction.VAV_Graphic_v1



Monitor proof of flow for fans and blowersH971

Current Sensors …In a fan powered VAV box, the CS monitors fan status to ensure proper air movement and circulation. (If current is being used by the fan motor, then the fan is in use – therefore air is flowing.)






td_blogMonitor return and supply duct temperature

Temperature Sensors …The temperature sensor provides the input to control the damper to regulate how much hot or cold air is sent to a space. If it has a heating or cooling coil, the sensor will also control those points, as well. If the VAV box is fan powered, the temp sensor will control the fan speed and / or power based on demand.








We offer a complete line of environmental and current sensing products for VAV box applications. Want to learn more? Reach us by phone at 800.354.8556 (US & Canada) or +1 503.598.4564 (Worldwide). Reach us by email at sales@veris.com. Visit us at www.veris.com

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