Putting your Money where your Mouth is

Published on: September 18, 2014

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Would you be willing to stake part of your contract on not only your ability to design a building system that exceeds efficiency standards, but the building actually doing so?

The article “High Performance Guaranteed” featured in Building Operating Management, brings to light the up and coming contract structure of energy performance guarantees.

Efficiency and reduction have been buzz words in the industry for several years now, and most building projects revolve around being efficient and cutting costs in some way. We are all familiar with LEED, Green Building, and Energy star Standards. Designers are working daily to develop building plans to gain the accreditations. Those plans have good intentions and look good on paper, but do they actually deliver what they say and are you willing to stand behind it? The Federal Center South Building’s owner, as well as many other owners and stakeholders, are asking that very same question.

While the concept of energy performance guarantees is new, it’s one that could gain traction quickly making measurement and verification even more important and in-turn increasing the need for you to have “eyes and ears” throughout the building.


Read “High Performance Guaranteed”

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