Welcome to the Converisation

Published on: October 7, 2014

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At Veris, we have a few core values that help ground and navigate us through the industry. These values set us apart and create our unique personality. Our viewpoint is collective, often outside the box, and rooted in the relationships we have with our customers . The purpose of converisation is just that…a continued, ongoing conversation where you can expect to get information on latest trends, industry happenings, and best practices, as well as an outlet to share your thoughts, ideas, and perspective. Our goal is that our followers, readers, and customers take away some tips, tricks, or piece of knowledge that continues to improve and grow the environments we work, live, and play in.

The blog consists of four main categories: Weighing In, Gaining Perspective, Taking Control, and Answering Questions.

Weighing In is our perspective on industry news, updates, obstacles, the economy and anything that may affect our industry.

Gaining perspective is the research, outreach, and interaction we have with industry players that help make us the leader in environmental sensors and energy management solutions.

Taking Control is our solution to customer driven needs, new code updates, LEED requirements, industry obstacle or ever changing technology.

Answering questions addresses common issues peers face, discussions customers have had, and feedback. Have a question…let us know.

Stay tuned for weekly installments and a little behind the scenes look at what drives our fun, hardworking company. Let us be the first to say Welcome to the Converisation!




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