Wet Pressure Monitoring: A High Pressure Situation?

Published on: October 17, 2014

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Let’s face it, there are enough variables and obstacles in building automation projects. Pressure monitoring doesn’t have to be one of them.

Running additional conduit, plumbing copper lines, running relays to controllers, each step adds man hours and ultimately more dollars to your project cost. Not to mention maintenance to the system to ensure equipment is operating accurately and efficiently.

What if you could specify, design and install a product with enough flexibility and innovation that it would remove some of those variables and take the pressure off your wet pressure monitoring projects.

The latest wet pressure innovation by Veris Industries accomplishes just that.

The PWR’s modular design eases installation and gives you a flexible product that suits a wide array of projects.

PWR shown with standard shieled and optional armored cable with sensor

One Product Many Solutions

High quality, IP65 rated housing creates rugged protection from the elements. Snap-fit cover eliminates the need for screws or additional tools. Easily access terminal blocks, configuration switches and display for simplified set up and troubleshooting. Overall design allows for mounting inside or outside the control panel.

PWR Modular Pieces Exploded

Make Distance an Ally

Remote Sensors remove the need for plumbing liquid back to the housing, eliminating plumbing costs and allowing flexibility for mounting near a control panel. Install the remote sensors and back pull wiring through existing conduit, or use armored cable options to bridge 6-20ft distances. No matter what the code requirements are the PWR provides wiring options to get your sensors connected and operating quickly.

PWR Cables Armored Conduit BareThe PWR features a ¼” NPT fitting with an external thread length that meets ANSI/ASME B1.20.1 standards, ensuring tight seals and no seepage. Increasing accuracy and reducing maintenance costs.


New vs Retrofit

Whether the job is New Construction or a Retrofit project, the PWR modular form factor allows for insertion at any point of your design.

  • Easily access removable terminal blocks for trouble-free wiring.
  • Water tight access points allow for secure and strong connections, no worry of loose wires or liquid accessing the housing.
  • 10-20ft shielded wire can be pre-run or back-pulled for ease of installation in new or existing conduit
  • 6ft armored cable options can be used for bridging sensors to existing lines without the need for conduit
  • Ball valve accessory allows for a “Hot Swap” to reduce downtime and speed up installation.


Customer feedback is the foundation of our innovation and we realize that each project is different. Contact us to learn more about how the PWR provides a flexible solution for any wet pressure monitoring project . Locally at 800.354.8556 or Internationally at +1 503.598.4564 or visit www.veris.com to see a complete line of environmental sensors & energy management solutions

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