What is a Thermowell?

Published on: October 11, 2016

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A thermowell is a temp sensor accessory used on large tanks and metal pipes that provides an additional measure of protection for the temp sensing element and assists with sensor maintenance. When installing a thermowell, a threaded hole is drilled into the tank or pipe. Gaskets and pipe tape prevent leaks around the thermowell. A temperature sensor is then inserted into the thermowell. It is the thermowell that comes in contact with the liquid. The heat from the liquid is conducted through the walls of the thermowell and is then sensed / measured by the temperature sensor inside.

Using a thermowell allows maintenance personnel to change out temp sensors as needed without having to drain the pipe or tank or otherwise shutdown the process that requires temperature measurement.

Because the temp sensor is nested inside the thermowell, the overall length of the temperature probe insertion depth is decreased by over an inch due to the offset created by the stacked threading. The ilustration below shows a temp sensor inside a thermowell. Notice that a portion of the length of the sensor probe is covered by the thermowell threading that is needed to secure the thermowell to the outer wall of the tank or pipe. It is important to note this decrease in probe length when helping customers select the correct product.


Veris’ utilizes a one-piece design for our thermowells. The result is a significantly more durable product that is more break and vibration resistant for industrial applications. (Other manufacturers use a two-piece design where the well is welded to the threaded body.)

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