When Versatility Meets Durability in Power Monitoring

Published on: August 15, 2014

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Power monitoring has evolved over the last several years from a total building view to a more individualized breakout.  With the growth of the data center market and the desire from building owners to pinpoint energy consumption, the need for individual circuit monitoring is on the rise. 

With the diversity in projects, a large cost saver would be one meter that meets most needs. 

The demand goes beyond just individual circuit monitoring though.  Market trends are driving the need for a meter that not only monitors energy at the branch level, but communicates seamlessly with existing control systems and is on trend with connectivity technology.


You asked for a durable meter that worked in a wide variety of applications.  We answered…


The New E3xE Panelboard ENERGY Monitoring System

The New E3xE Panelboard ENERGY Monitoring System

The E3xE Panelboard Energy Monitoring System

From PDU & RPP monitoring to tenant sub-metering, the E3xE, with its integrated Ethernet and serial communication, broad range of protocols, rugged design, and 1% system accuracy is the perfect solution for energy monitoring needs.

The Brains:

Easily configurable, logical circuits that provide multi-phase measurement totals increase capability of monitoring and allow one single unit to do the work of numerous multi-phase meters. Read more

The Communication Protocols:

Equipped with SMNP, Modbus and BACnet protocols, the E3XE easily integrates with existing systems. Read more

Accuracy and Capability:

With 1% ANSI & IEC system accuracy the E3xE accurately monitors up to 92 circuits, providing reliable, worry-free data collection. Read more

The Housing:

The rugged housing keeps the powerful technology stowed away, out of harms way decreasing data collection interference. The wiring terminals and ribbon cable connectors are easily identifiable making installation faster and easier . Read more

The Sensors:

With CTs that can be “clipped” on to existing wires or installed easily in initial project construction, installation is pain-free for installers. Read more

For more on the E3xE or other Veris Industries Power Monitoring Solutions click here or contact us at locally at 800.354.8556 or internationally at +1 503.598.4564.

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